David Robinson & Associates

Specializing in public policy and corporate strategy in the energy sector.

Dr. David Robinson is an architect of liberalization and de-carbonization policies in many countries. His published work and private consulting focuses on energy industry restructuring, market design and regulation in the context of technological changes that are challenging the traditional electricity sector model.

Recent projects

Environmental fiscal policy reform proposals for in Spain, with a focus on transport

Electric vehicles and disruptive change in the transport sector

The future of natural gas: the decarbonisation imperative

Fiscal policy reform for decarbonisation of energy in Europe

Design of the decarbonised electricity system of the future: the “Two Market” Approach

Phasing out coal in China and on the Belt and Road

The significant of the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Managing electricity decarbonisation: learning from experience - the cases of the UK and Spain

Interview with David Robinson on The prospects for COP 21 and the future role of natural gas

Publicly available report comparing EU and US electricity prices explains why EU prices are rising faster.

Publicly available report on why European electricity companies are in trouble.

Confidential report on how to introduce greater competition into the electricity retail market in Spain.

Confidential report on how to promote active consumer participation in electricity markets.

Publicly available report comparing and explaining European electricity price trends.

Publicly available report on US climate change policy and the power sector.

Publicly available report on how to create a secondary market in natural gas in a large developing country.

Publicly available presentation to the UK Parliamentary Committee on Energy concerning energy security.

Chapter in a recent book on the integration of renewable generation into the electricity sector.


Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Academic Advisor to the Brattle Group of Economic and Financial Advisors

Senior Research Associate, Market Analysis Ltd

Senior Academic Advisor, MRC Consultants and Transactions Advisors