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Specializing in public policy and corporate strategy in the energy sector.

Recent and forthcoming publications

 COP21 and its Implications,   January 5 2016.

The prospects for COP 21 and the future role of natural gas (English version) interview by Gas Actual with David Robinson, November 2015.

Análisis comparativo de los precios de la electricidad en la Unión Europea y en Estados Unidos: Una perspectiva española; October 2015.

The Scissors Effect: What is wrong with the European electricity industry?; August, 2015.

The geopolitical role of electricity trade, in the proceedings of the September 2014 Conference of the World Trade Forum on “International Trade in Electricity and the Greening Economy”; forthcoming Cambridge University Press, 2016.

Challenging some myths about energy security; UK Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies (PGES), Energy Focus,  April 2015.

Energy and Climate Targets for 2030 : Europe takes is foot of the pedal; joint paper with David Buchan and Malcolm Keay, 30 October 2014.

US Climate Change Policy and the Power Sector; 7 July 2014.

Electricity Markets and Pricing for the Distributed Generation Era; jointly written with Malcolm Keay and John Rhys, in Distributed Generation and its Implications for the Utility Industry, edited by F.P. Sioshansi, Academic Press, 2014.

Análisis comparativo de los precios eléctricos en la Unión Europea: una perspectiva española (Eurocofin); 28 abril 2014.

Pulling the Plug on Renewable Power in Spain; 23 December 2013.

China’s Growing Energy Demand — Some International Implications; 9 December 2013.

President Obama’s Climate Action Plan; 12 July 2013.

Implications for China of North American Energy Independence; 25 June 2013.

Living with Intermittent Renewable Power: Lessons for Spain and the EU; 6 June 2013.

US Energy and Climate Change Policy: Obama’s Second Term;  4 March 2013.

Electricity market reform in Britain: Central planning vs. free markets: jointly written with Malcolm Keay and John Rhys, in Evolution of Global Electricity Markets: New Paradigms, New Challenges, New Approaches, Elsevier, 2013.

Decarbonization of the Electricity Sector: Is There Still Room for Markets?; joint paper with Malcolm Keay and John Rhys, 9 November 2012.

Private Investment in Wind Power in Colombia; joint paper with Alvaro Riascos and David Harbord, 30 August 2012.

Addressing Large Developing Country Emissions: the Case for Strategic Sino-European Collaboration under Joint Commitments, joint paper with Xiang Ziliang and Benito Múller, March 31, 2010.

US Energy and Climate Legislation: The Big Deal, 2 March 2009.

Recent public speeches

The role of the State: difficulties of introducing competition in the power sector, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, May 2015.

The new consumer paradigm in electricity: do everything for them, but also with them?, 12th Annual Meeting on Energy (The Future of Energy: Who Writes the Rules?), IESE Business School,  Madrid February 11, 2015.

Challenging some myths about energy security, UK Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies (PGES), November 25, 2014.

Desafíos energéticos globales: riesgos y oportunidades para la UE y España, una presentación en el Curso de Verano UIMP 2014 sobre “El cliente, centro de gravedad del nuevo modelo energético”, 21 de julio 2014, Santander.

The geopolitical role of electricity trade, speech at the World Trade Forum on “International Trade in Electricity and the Greening Economy”, September 2014, World Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland.

Análisis comparativo de los precios eléctricos en la Unión Europea: una perspectiva española – presentación en la Jornada “Tarifa eléctrica: pasado, presente y futuro”, organizado por la Cátedra Endesa Red de la Universidad de Sevilla, Junio 2014. 

The challenges for Chinese energy policy – speech given at Hong Kong City University in May 2014.

Energy Security, a speech given at the Workshop on Economic Challenges for Energy, Madrid 22-24 January 2014. 

The State of the national grids in Europe, speech to the 2013 Uptime Institute Network, November 2013, Amsterdam.

China’s growing energy needs and implications for world energy markets, speech to the Network for Oil and Gas, Stockholm (Sweden), 17 October 2013.  A page in Swedish on the seminar.

Power to the people: the changing role of electricity customers, speech at The Energy Event, September 2013, Birmingham, UK.

The key challenges for the Iberian energy market – presentation for the 3rd OMIE International Workshop on the Impact of Renewable Energy on Wholesale Electricity Markets, May 2013 in Madrid.

Emerging powers and game changers: China and renewable power, speech at International ICCI 2012, International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, April 2012, Istanbul.

A critical assessment of the UK Electricity Market Reform: is there another alternative?, speech at Eurelectric Conference on “Electricity Markets at the Crossroads: Which Market Design for the Future?”, January 2012, Brussels.

Sino-European cooperation in energy, speech given at the Low Carbon Energy Summit, in Dalian, China in October 2011.

Where next for US policy on CO2 and climate Issues?  Speech to British Institute for Energy Economics, October 2010, London.

Smart Grid: Unlocking the potential, speech to the 5th Expo on Energy, Lisbon, 9-11 November 2010.